Although every Res College can offer you an environment that facilitates learning and a strong sense of community, PARC is a unique combination of everything a Res College should be. The building itself is gorgeous, having been renovated only three years ago and having some of the nicest amenities and bathrooms on campus. If you look out the south-facing windows you get a view of the Mid Quads Courtyard, a colorful garden flanked by white stone sorority houses and the Mid Quad buildings (North and South). Through the north-facing windows is a view right down Orirngton Ave where you can watch the seasons change in the trees that line the sidewalk. 

At PARC you are only a 5 minute walk away from 4 dining halls (Willard, Allison, Foster Walker East and Foster Walker West) and downtown Evanston is your backyard. The Blomquist Recreation Center is nearby allowing you to exercise easily, and your package center is in Foster Walker. At PARC, almost everything you need is right next door, if not in PARC itself.

But for a Res College to be truly great, it has to be more than a pretty building in a convenient part of Campus; it has to be a community. What really sets PARC apart is the people. Even through our name says "Public Affairs", the students who live here are diverse in their areas of study. While we have our fair share of SESP students, each of Northwestern's six schools is generously represented in PARC's student population, even McCormick (the walk to Tech from NMQ is really not that bad). 

Your fellow PARCers will help you grow both academically and as a person. Not only will you learn from PARC's college staff and guest speakers, you will learn from your fellow PARCers themselves. Students in PARC are active in their communities from attending the Res College float parade in the Fall, to voting in national elections, and PARC itself fosters dialogue between its students so that ideas can flow freely between each of us. At PARC you won't just find a dorm, you'll find a home.

Welcome to PARC, we can't wait to meet you!