Every week, the college staff hosts a tea for PARC residents, featuring either freshly baked goods prepared in NMQ’s kitchen or goodies from local bakeries. Teas feature conversation ranging from the casual conversation on a recent movie, to ongoing campus controversies, to guesses on the outcome of national elections. Facul-Teas are great ways to relax and hang out with friends and our great fellows and college staff!


Social Events

In addition to weekly FaculTea and Munchies, PARC also has a variety of social events - in this case, shown at right, an Earth Day brunch, in which residents also got to paint and decorate pots for succulent plants to keep in their rooms.




Held every week in the Kitchen, Munchies is the place to be for amazing free food from local Evanston restaurants. Catered specifically to the interests of our residents, the weekly Munchies is a great place to chat with your friends, relax, watch sports in the TV Lounge, and generally just hang out with your fellow PARCers.



Firesides give PARC residents a chance to hear from Northwestern's array of distinguished faculty on a variety of topics, including political negotiation, environmental policy, and fake news, among many others.