Housing Points are the way in which Residential Colleges and other residence communities on campus determine whether residents are eligible for housing in that building. In general, attending events held by that community earns attendees housing points. The people with the most housing points are given higher priority in housing for the next year.

Here is PARC's Housing Points policy.

1. All PARC events, including Munchies, Inter-Residential College Events, XRC Events, and being present Intramural Sports Games, will be eligible for two housing points each.

2. Any event that is one and a half hours in duration or more, or playing in IM sports games will be eligible for three housing points each.

3. The top 50% of PARC residents (roughly 35 people) with respect to housing points will be offered residence in PARC next year.

If you have any questions about the PARC Housing Points policy or if you want to know how many points you have, email Sachin at sachinshukla2021@u.northwestern.edu.